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Hi guys & Gals!
Winter is here, it’s cold.  You may have already been spending a lot of time inside, why not spiff up your walls with some brand spanking new photos? You were discerning enough to have me photograph your special moments, I don’t have to tell you how important it is to print those bad boys right?

For a limited 30 days I am offering prints for all past clients and anyone who is interested in purchasing my work.  The prices are $20 for an 8×10 print, and $50 for a 16×20 inch print. Everything you’ve seen from me is up for print!

If you are a previous client and still haven’t printed some of your favorite images this is a great opportunity to do so! They will be printed on light jet paper, the same material used for traditional photos – they are archival for over 100 years in standard home lighting conditions.

Or if you have always fancied some of my personal work they are also available at the same price!  This applies to any images I’ve created / you’ve seen in the past!

If you have any references as to what you’d like printed please attach them! All of my work is archived so I have all the source files to work from.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Happy New Years!


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