Pauline & Paul’s Algonquin Wedding

As someone who graduated with a degree in photography, the very first
job I decided to tackle when I started planning my wedding was finding
the photographer. It wasn’t a real job though because I already knew I
wanted Kenneth Chou! I knew that with Ken as the photographer I
wouldn’t end up with the fashionably overly Photoshopped images, where
Paul and I try to pose like models and fail miserably, nor with boring
and stuffy images, but with a documentary essay of naturally
beautiful, spontaneous moments that truly told the story of our day
and all the love that went into it. And A LOT of love went into it!

I had always wanted to get married in Algonquin Park, one of my
favourite places in the world. After typing “Algonquin Park Log Cabin”
into google I was thrilled to find the most perfect location for the
weekend celebration and family event we were planning. Voyageur
Quests’s Algonquin Log Cabin, allowed both Paul’s and my family to
spend the weekend canoeing, swimming, bbqing, having cookout
breakfasts and spending quality time together in the outdoors. The
morning of the wedding half the guests spent time creating a beautiful
birch wood arbour, with wood and wildflowers collected from the log
cabin property. The girls and I were a little more lazy….and spent
time jumping off the floating sauna and relaxing! Eventually we got
our act together and started arranging the bouquets and flowers
decorations, made up mostly of Canadian Goldenrod, of which there was
a whole beautiful field at the cabin to pick from! We also started
unpacking the dozens of boxes of decorations which I had collected
over the past year. There were mason jars, candles, serving plates,
tablecloths, burlap runners, a “fingerprint tree” guest book, flower
petals, chalkboard signs, 300 meters of bunting ( which I sewed over a
couple months from old t-shirts, bedspreads and tablecloths), cake,
wine and so much more! Everyone got involved, even my tiny little
nieces! We quickly ran out of time and so fairly early on in this
flurry of preparation, I ran off to start getting ready, while my
incredible friends picked up my slack! Not wanting to override the
solar powered cottage, instead of using a hairdryer, I lay out on the
dock and let the sun do the work. It was a beautifully warm day so it
didn’t take very long at all. My sister then did all my makeup and
hair and my friends handed me the bouquet they had made and then it
was time to go and get married! The ceremony itself was my most
favourite part. Surrounded by just 20 of our family and friends, under
the beautiful arbour Paul and our friends had just made, with the wind
blowing, by the water, trees all around, dappled sunlight and good
music (courtesy of an ipod and a speaker system), Paul and I got
married. Afterwards, we feasted on the most amazing grilled seafood
spread ever, thanks to talented and awesome Toronto Chef, Rod Bowers.
The night ended with dancing on the grass, hilarious speeches, roasted
marshmallows by the bonfire, sparklers and a late night canoe sendoff
to our own private island cabin!

Throughout the day I hardly ever noticed Ken was there. In a good way!
He was so unobtrusive and instead of trying to get us to work to his
schedule or what he wanted, he adapted to how the day unfolded
naturally. He drove the 4 hours up to our wedding and back, spent the
whole day shooting our preparations, ceremony and party and gave us
the most meaningful images. They capture all the feelings of the day
so well in fact that I can’t stop looking at them, eventhough its now
6 months after the fact!


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