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Some snippets from Sybil and Brent’s wedding in Ellicottville.

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Bridal Documentary Package & Info


What is your photographic background?

I am an independant professional photographer, my interest is largely in documenting people and events. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography from Ryerson University. I also have a Masters in Fine Arts with specialization in Documentary Media.

I have documented over a hundred couples on their wedding day in my 6 years as a wedding photographer.

What is your style?

My style is intimate and casual. I prefer a documentary style in which the photographer is never obtrusive except necessary. I always try to make each wedding unique and capture the characters involved. My biggest goal is to provide a visual narrative for you to match your experience. I believe every photo should have a story, whether it’s how a scene came about or what led up to a picture.

I believe every photographer has his / her strengths. I am able to operate very quickly and discretely, in addition my pictures balance the importance of information and timing. I photograph very much like a photojournalist when I need to, and apply an editorial style when I have time to work with couples or groups.

I do not believe in grand setups or production style pictures. My goal is to provide you memories that stand up to the test of time.

What kind of equipment do you use?

I use Nikon professional grade cameras. You will always see me with 2 cameras ready to shoot, I also carry 2x sets of lenses as well as flashes. There is redundancy in my equipment so that a moment is never missed.

What is the role of your 2nd photographer?

The 2nd photographer’s job is to cover additional angles. The 2nd photographer is also able to be at a second location to cover getting ready. In addition, the 2nd photographer also assists in logistics such as setting up group shots and keeping me updated with changes in the day.

How do you edit your images?

I provide 3 sets of images for all clients whether it’s an engagement or wedding. The first set is full-on colour in which I aim to provide you the most accurate colour and edit for you to cherish. The 2nd set of images is black and white, I am a big fan of black and white work and I find alot of clients can find it both beautiful and even discover aspects of their day in a very different way. The 3rd set I provide is a treated look. There are many trends out there right now involving the “look” of a picture and I do provide a more contemporary look. I believe these 3 sets of photos provide many aspects of looking at your day, in addition they are all available to you in full resolution and you can print them however you wish!

Every wedding is unique, you can be ensured that the editing process is done personally by myself and I carry my experience into your day.

Do you provide prints & albums?

The package I have does not include prints, however you may wish to print the images at any professional photo finisher. I do not water mark images nor limit the use of pictures. While many photographers will ask to be the only provider of prints for you, I believe with the ease of the internet and print order systems available today many clients are able to print their own at a very affordable rate.

Do you offer an online gallery?

Yes, you gallery will be online with a personal password so it may be viewed by friends and family only.

Will I be able to share your images on Facebook or social networking sites?
Yes! Go nuts :)


2014 Bridal Documentary Coverage Pricing.

  • 8 hours of  Wedding Coverage.
  • Primary photographer + 2nd Photographer
  • Full resolution images (approx. 500 for 8 hour coverage)
  • Images to be fully corrected for accuracy with 3 sets of treatment (Accurate, Treated & Black and White.) Delivered on Disc.
  • Additional hours + $175 per hour if needed.
  • Pricing includes applicable taxes.

                                                                                                                                                             $2,800 CAD

Engagement Photo Session

  • Engagement photos are journalistic in style, so pick a fun date to go on and grab some of your favourite props!

                                                                                                                                                                $350 CAD

Every wedding is different.  If you have a specific need please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me
for custom pricing.

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